Lottery Circle Review and Test

11 Feb

Lottery Circle is a lotto software system designed to win the lottery, by giving you a 96% claimed win rate. This system was created by an Ex Lotto Retailer Ace Lee. Many reviews of this lotto software say the system is very good. We also find many reviews reporting the system is not a good winning system at all, just selling hype, so we got a hold of the system for a 1 month subscription costing $19.95 (at time of writing) and says has a 100% guaranteed refund.

The Lottery Circle software system is designed to give you basically your Hot and Cold lotto numbers for your particular lotto game. Ace Lee says the software system is 5 years worth of knowledge in the lottery industry. We used the system as directed for the full one month period, playing 20 lottery tickets per lotto draw. If the system was for real, we should have had a very high win rate (winning lotto tickets), but we did not! We only managed to pull off one 3 lotto number winning ticket which  paid out a small $10 cash prize. The bad part is we lost well over $100 in lottery tickets for the full month test of the Lottery Circle System. We were in the hole right off the bat and I suspected this would most likely be the case even before we tried the system out.

Ace Lee is not a lottery expert. He worked as a clerk in a food store that sells lottery tickets and uses this as his lottery expertise background which makes me laugh as I know this is complete nonsense. The many good reviews on the Lottery Circle Prediction System are really all by Ace Lee and or affiliates/promoters of the system. This fools many people as they do not know any better, this is why we must give a real review to inform others. We still decided to go ahead and test the system, so we would have a verified legit test to report.

Lottery Circle System PROS:

  • System is easy to use.
  • System could be helpful with use of other real lotto systems.

Lottery Circle System CONS:

  • High cost for what you get from the system.
  • Same info system gives you is free online.
  • Many other software systems exactly the same but free!
  • Not really a lottery system, just information that is used with real lottery systems.
  • Does not work as advertised, 96% win rate is NOT TRUE!

All Lottery Systems Review Group sites are warning people to avoid this Lottery Circle System as it is a waste of time and money. We have found all of Ace Lee’s systems to be of little value in regards to winning the lottery. Ace Lee is a marketer plain and simple! Real lottery experts will not sell a system with fake win rates and serious hype.

Here is the latest best winning lotto system poll, in which Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System was entered and real users could vote for the system that worked best for them. (Click To Enlarge)

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto System Poll Results

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto System Poll Results

Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System in the 2012 best lottery system poll received 7% of the winning votes. In the latest poll results the Lottery Circle System only received 1% of the winning votes. This is pretty poor results for a lotto software system claiming it is the #1 lotto software system in the world. We see it as completely misleading people trying to make a fast buck.

Real winning Lottery systems such as the poll winner Lotto Guy Lottery System, is the actual real top ranking lottery system in the world, then Smart Play Lotto Wheels, then Smart Luck. This winning system is now known as the worlds best lottery system (also see link to their website on top of page menu). If the Lottery Circle system was the worlds best winning system, it would be the winner of this poll correct? People would have voted for it, as it would have won them lottery cash prizes , but it did not them anything so no votes! Ace Lee needs to stop misleading people with these silly systems he sells as real winning system and grow up!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is No Joke



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